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Refuah list? - Jews with Disabilities

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February 3rd, 2008

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11:43 pm - Refuah list?
I have a number of chronic illnesses, most of which wax and wane to some degree. I don't go to shul often for a number of reasons (one of which is a health issue which is starting not to be a problem), but when I do go, they always ask for names for the misheberach. Everyone at my home shul knows my Hebrew name already, so if I were to volunteer myself for the list, they'd know it was me I was asking for.

Does anyone here do feel comfortable doing stuff like that? I've put myself on an online refuah list, but…

I'm just torn about the whole idea. I'm not asking for nor expecting complete healing, but it sure would be nice to feel that I can ask for improvement. Something feels a bit selfish to me about asking for refuah at every service when they do a misheberach.

This was going to be a much more articulate post, but my English skills are failing me.

Uhm, thoughts?

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